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Increasing Draft Efficiency

When you talk about draft in general, it can mean all sorts of things. Draft can be your initial input in writing that still needs proofreading but draft can also talk about the weather where the coldness in the air lingers. But here, we’re talking about chimney draft and everything there is to know about it. Read more…?

The Science of Combustion

Have you ever given a thought to what is happening inside of your chimney when you have a problem? This overview should answer some of your questions about the processes at work, and explain the science of combustion. Read more…?

Keeping the Water Out

Why do You Need to Waterproof Your Chimney?

Sometimes, this dilemma is taken lightly or is underestimated in most cases, not knowing the harmful effects it can give to your chimney and your fireplace in general. Read more…?

The Work of Wood Getting You Down?

If Home Safe Hearth & Chimney techs have heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: “I love my wood fireplace, I just can’t find the time to use it as much as I’d like to.” Read more…?

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Why Choose a Certified Chimney Sweep

Would you go and have a thorough check-up of your body with a doctor that hasn’t finished medical school? Would you trust the legal advice of a lawyer who hasn’t passed the bar exam? Of course, you wouldn’t. It is equally important for the safety and well-being of you, your family and your home, to hire a certified sweep to clean and inspect your chimney. Read more…?

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Family Fire Safety

Reality check: we aren’t in control of most of the things in our lives. Sometimes…things just happen. We can take every precaution and still be surprised by the unexpected. But, just because we cannot prevent misfortune, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do all we can to prevent it. Making sure each member of your family knows what to do in case of a fire, can give you just a little peace of mind. Take the time to practice family fire safety.  Read more…?

Do You Have a Draft Problem?

Do you feel air coming into your home via the fireplace?  Does your house smell of smoke a lot of the time?  Do you have a hard time simply getting a fire started?  If you can answer yes to one, two, or all three of these questions, you very well could have a draft problem.  Before you can fix a problem, it helps to figure out how it developed in the first place.  Read more…?

How to Build a Proper Fire

One of my favorite things about the cooler months of the year is spending time next to a warm, cozy fire.  The crackling wood and radiant heat just soothe my innards like nothing else ever has.  Question: What’s more romantic that snuggling up with your significant other in front of a glowing fire? Read more…?

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Anatomy of Your Chimney

Even if you failed anatomy in high school, there’s no reason you can’t learn a thing or two about what makes your chimney… a chimney. Let’s take a look at it from Santa’s perspective and start on the rooftop and learn about the anatomy of your chimney. Read more…?

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