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Dryer Vent Service

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It’s easy to overlook your dryer vent since it’s primarily out of sight, but there are a number of safety and efficiency reasons you should schedule an inspection every year and have your dryer vent regularly cleaned.


1.  Prevent Dryer Vent Fires!

2.  Save Electricity – Save $$$!

3.  Extend Your Clothing Life!

4.  Extend Your Dryer Life!

5.  Better Indoor Air Quality!

6.  Protect Your Family!

7.  Protect Your Home!


Dryer lint is highly combustible, and a blocked vent is a serious fire hazard. As your dryer vent does its job, lint builds up over time. It’s this accumulation of lint that constricts the vent, making it harder for the hot air to get out and creating a serious fire hazard in your home.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers are involved in more than 15,900 home fires each year. Along with causing more than $200 million in average annual property damage, those fires cause hundreds of injuries and many deaths.


Regular dryer vent inspections and cleanings help keep your home and family safe.


Click HERE to View Clothes Dryer Safety Tips from the National Fire Protection Association


"Home Safe Hearth and Chimney did a great job getting our fireplace and exterior vents ready for winter. They were efficient and fixed some problems that could have potentially been dangerous for our family."

-Rick B. (Google Review)

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