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According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers are one of the leading causes of residential fires in the United States. In fact, clothing dryers caused almost 92 percent of home fires in 2010 alone. If you use a clothes dryer in your home, it is very important to understand how to use it properly, as well as how to maintain it for efficiency and safety.


Using Your Dryer Properly

Have your dryer installed by a professional, and make sure you use your clothing dryer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you use a clothes dryer in your home, never overfill or stuff it. Not only is this an inefficient way to use your appliance, but it can also cause the dryer to overwork and eventually overheat. In addition to putting the right amount of clothing in the dryer, it is so important to clean the lint trap after every load of laundry. Lint is flammable, and if left to build up in your trap it can cause a fire. Additionally, having a build-up of lint will cause your dryer to work harder and less efficiently. Following these basic safety tips will keep you safe and will also help maintain your dryer so you can use it for many years.

Dryer Vent Servicing

If you use your clothes dryer on a regular basis you should have it serviced by a professional dryer vent servicing company like Home Safe Hearth & Chimney in Wichita once a year. A professional technician will come to your home and make sure there is no lint build-up in your drum, dryer vent, and dryer vent hose. Our  experienced professionals will clean out any lint, dirt and debris build-up with professional-grade tools and leave your dryer working efficiently and safely.

Other Dryer Safety Concerns

In some cases, mice, rats, and other pests can enter your dryer vent from the outside of your home. This warm, dry spot is a cozy place to make a nest and tear apart your dryer vent hose. Pests can tear apart your dryer vent hose and even enter the sub-structure of your home causing further damage. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also inhumane. Let a professional inspect and maintain your dryer and all its components for a safe dryer that is free of pests.

When To Call A Dryer Vent Service Company

  • If your dryer vent has not been serviced in a year or longer
  • If you smell anything decaying in your dryer or dryer vent
  • If your clothes require more than one cycle to get dry
  • If you notice a build-up of lint in your drum, vent or hose
  • If you smell anything burning when you use your dryer

Contact Home Safe & Hearth to schedule your dryer vent cleaning as part of your spring cleaning checklist. Having a clean dryer will not only keep your appliance working efficiently, but it is also one of the most important steps you can take towards preventing a fire in your home and keeping your family safe. Take this simple step towards a safe, efficient home that you can enjoy all year long.

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