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You want the best doctor for you and the best car for your family, why wouldn’t you want the best home maintenance professionals for your house? Being a homeowner involves a lot of responsibility, and any experienced homeowner will tell you that prevention and maintenance is the biggest step towards keeping your home beautiful and safe. Having your chimney professionally swept is necessary to maintain the integrity of your wood-burning appliance. Beyond this, hiring a CSIA certified chimney sweep will guarantee your chimney is swept efficiently, safely and thoroughly.


What Is CSIA?

The Chimney Safety Institute Of America, or CSIA is an important organization that strives to educate homeowners as well as chimney sweeping professionals. Established in 1983, the organization has over three decades maintaining the highest standards for chimney and fireplace maintenance. The CSIA is passionate about preventing chimney and vent fires, as well as to educate homeowners and professionals about the importance of home maintenance as a means to prevent residential and commercial fires across the United State. This organization offers information regarding chimney fires, maintenance and how to keep your chimney in safe working order. Beyond this, the CSIA offers continuing education for chimney sweeping professionals that want to become certified in order to offer their customers premium chimney sweeping services. As an accredited institution, all chimney sweeps receive the best education whether online or in the CSIA Technology Center.

What Is CSIA Certification?

The CSIA certification is regarded as the industry standard for all chimney sweeping companies. In other words, other certifications may be available, but the CSIA certification is considered the best. When you hire a CSIA certified company, like Home Safe Hearth & Chimney in Wichita, you are not only getting insured and experienced professionals, you are also hiring a company that invests in the continuing education of its employees. A CSIA certification is not free, and the professionals who participate have invested in their education to provide you the safe, premium chimney sweeping services. Additional benefits to hiring a chimney sweep that CSIA certified include:

  • Credibility in the chimney sweeping industry
  • Referrals from home inspectors and realtors
  • National recognition
  • Opportunities for continued education beyond certification
  • Upholding of the prestigious CSIA brand and trademark

Chimney sweeping is a competitive and often dangerous industry that requires responsible companies who choose to adequately train their employees. A Chimney Safety Institute Of America certification goes a step further to uphold the highest safety standards and educational opportunities.

When it comes to maintaining your home, don’t settle for any chimney sweeping company just like you would not settle for any plumber or any electrician. Chimney sweeps are in high demand, and there are a lot of sweeping companies that offer maintenance services without the CSIA certification. Let the best professionals help maintain your home by finding a reputable, educated chimney sweep with CSIA certification. Your chimney and your home will thank you. Contact Home Safe & Hearth Inc today to discover more about the CSIA accredited chimney sweeps in your area.

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