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cold weather could be affecting your chimney

Winter has barely begun, and already all across the US, we are already facing brutally cold temperatures. This cold weather could be affecting your chimney, and raising your heating bill. Here are some of the potential damages that homeowners could face and what to watch out for…

The Stack Effect:

As the weather gets colder, the heating bills get higher. However, there might be another culprit causing a high heating bill. This is known as the stack effect or chimney effect. During this time, cold air from the outside will battle with the warm air from inside your home. When the cold air is forced down your chimney (often caused by chimney leaks or a poorly capped chimney), this can force a backdraft in your fireplace making lighting a fire difficult and lowering the temperature in your home.

The Moisture Effect:

Here in Wichita, we’ve yet to see any measurable snow this year, but many other parts of the country are already seeing significant amounts of snow. This moisture (which can be caused from snow, rain, or significant cold temperatures) can find its way into your chimney, making it difficult to light a fire in your fireplace and cause a build-up of creosote.  Water is the number one enemy of chimneys.  It’s vitally important to keep the moisture out of your chimney structure to keep it from self-destructing and allowing water into your home.

How You Can Protect Your Chimney From Winter Weather:

After a heavy snowfall, lots of rain, or very cold periods of time, inspect the interior of your home for water damage or peeling paint around your fireplace or chimney. This can be a key indicator of a leaky chimney. Learn more about a leaky chimney on our Top 5 causes of a leaky chimney blog. 

Getting an annual chimney inspection by one of our highly-trained and certified technicians will help you to pinpoint any issues you may have before they become major problems. Here is what you can expect from your Home Safe Hearth and Chimney appointment.

If you feel the cold has caused some problems in your chimney, or if you are ready to have your annual inspection, give us a call at 316-265-9828 to schedule your appointment.

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