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Fireplace, Stove, & Insert Accessories & Parts

Consider Home Safe Hearth & Chimney your one-stop shop for all fireplace needs in the Wichita area, from inspecting, sweeping, and maintaining your existing fireplace, to shopping for and installing a new one. We can also provide you with all of the accessories and parts you might need or want.

We’ve put extra attention into finding and providing you with the industry’s best fireplace, stove, and insert products. Our 3,000 square foot showroom is stocked with these products and trained staff members who can tell you all about them. Come visit us at 504 South St. Francis in Wichita, just one block south of the Intrust Bank Arena or give us a call at 316-265-9828 — we’d love to help you find whatever fireplace accessories and parts you’re looking for.

Some of the Fireplace Accessories And Parts Home Safe Hearth & Chimney Carries

  • Fireplace Opening Screens – Fireplace screens are a beneficial addition to your home for several reasons: They’re made in a variety of looks and can add a touch of country charm, sleek sophistication, or classic cool to your room, with very little cost or effort. But perhaps more importantly, they add an extra level of safety to your fireplace use, providing a barrier between your fire and the inhabitants of the room (people, pets, and furnishings). It offers a little extra peace of mind, knowing that a sturdy (and beautiful) screen is keeping sparks and embers in the fireplace, where they belong.
  • Cascade Custom Recessed Screens – Cascade Custom Recessed Screens: For added spark protection and decoration, many homeowners opt for Cascade Custom Recessed Firescreens. These screens not only lend a traditional look to the fireplace, but they can also actually help increase efficiency and can be used to replace an old mesh screen. When adding a Cascade Custom Recessed Screen to your home, you can choose from a variety of bar finishes (the bar is located just above and below the mesh), from ornate solid satin brass to solid antique copper. You can even choose your mesh finish, with options ranging from satin black to pewter. If your mesh screen has seen better days, look no further than Cascade Custom Recessed Screens!
  • Stoll Screens – We carry Stoll screens which are considered to be some of the best in the industry. Stoll screens come in a variety of looks, from traditional with brass or powder-coated finishes, to their Blacksmith Collection, which has intricate iron embellishments. Shop around for Fireplace Opening Screens with Home Safe Hearth & Chimney online, or check out the selection in our showroom.
  • Stoll Doors – Whether you’re looking for something understated and elegant or something eye-grabbing and decorative, Stoll has a door set for you — from rustic to modern, Stoll has it all. With unique designs and features (including slimline hinges), Stoll has a reputation for being an industry-leading door designer. Add efficiency and charm to your fireplace with Stoll, today.
  • Mantels – Home Safe Hearth & Chimney carries and installs some of the most beautiful mantels on the market. Whether you’re looking for classic or more modern designs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a collection of more attractive or better-crafted mantels.
  • Lightweight Cast Surrounds – More and more homeowners are turning to concrete for various parts of their home design, from floors to countertops, and there’s a good reason: It’s a beautiful, versatile, and durable material that leaves lots of room for creativity. Cast-concrete fireplace surrounds can add an arresting look to your room, and the visual versatility — shapes, finishes, colors — can’t be overstated. Talk to one of our CSIA Certified technicians about how we can add a beautiful, long-lasting surround to your fireplace, and bring an eye-catching focal point to your home.
  • Factory-Built Fireplace Refractory Panel Replacements – The walls and floor of your factory-built fireplace are made of refractory panels (designed to look like brick), and with use, the refractory can crack or break. Refractory panels should be replaced in factory-made units when any cracks become larger than the thickness of a dime, or when they’re worn to the point of not being able to properly direct heat from the metal and combustible materials behind them.

If you do need refractory panels replaced, a qualified professional, like the CSIA Certified technicians at Home Safe Hearth & Chimney should install them.

Whatever your fireplace accessory or part needs, Home Safe Hearth & Chimney has or can find what you’re looking for. Contact us today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Add enjoyment to your outdoor spaces with a beautiful outdoor fireplace or fire pit from the styles we offer at our showroom. We can also custom-design a unit to meet all your needs and expectations for outdoor living pleasure.

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