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We Offer & Install Some Of The Most Beautiful & Durable Wood Mantels On The Market

If you’re looking to add a more rustic, warm, or traditional look to your fireplace, a wood mantel may be the perfect solution. Our wood mantels come in a variety of colors and levels of detail and can be custom-designed to fit just about any size or style of fireplace. If you have any questions about the wood mantels we offer, please give us a call — we’d love to help!

Custom Fireplace Mantles | Exclusive Series

All our custom fireplace mantels can be designed to fit any fireplace model – even ones that are already installed in your home. We will customize the mantel size to your application, using the wood and stain color you choose. Below you will find a variety of exclusive series mantels – you may customize any of the designs you see below to match your personal taste.

Arlington Mantel

As you can see below, the Arlington Mantel can be customized to be different colors and styles. Even though these mantels are two different colors, they bring a sense of warmth to the room. Design your custom fireplace mantel to create a space that is welcoming and beautiful.


Colonial Mantel

Something about the color white combined with detailed designs. The colonial mantel is charming and timeless, creating an elegant statement piece. This mantel is made of a paint grade wood with a Dover white finish surrounded by an absolute black stone. Customize the color and stone of this mantel to compliment your space!


Lexington Mantel

The Lexington mantel creates symmetry and can balance the look of any room. As you can see below, as the details of this mantel can be customized to your preference. The possibilities are endless!


Virginia Mantel

The warm rustic hues of a cherry wood are hard to pass by. The Virginia Mantel in a cherry wood (shown below) is a perfect match in our books! Have another wood species in mind? We can create the Virginia mantel in any wood species and finish you prefer.


Windsor Mantel

The Windsor Mantel brings warmth as well as balance to your space. Create the statement piece your space needs with a custom fireplace mantel.

St. James Mantel

The St. James Mantel will transform any room to be the room you relax in at the end of a long day. Compliment this mantelpiece with a unique stone or a neutral stone. The possibilities are endless!

Traditional Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds |Traditional Series

Our Traditional fireplace mantels and surrounds offer a sophistication all on their own. The traditional series is not only meant for traditional fireplace designs, but they can also be made to go with any existing fireplace. Solid wood construction, decorative moldings and attention to detail are the factors that will bring your dream mantel to reality.

Like a blank canvas, our custom wood mantels provide the perfect backdrop for you to paint your vision. Offered in standard wood species as well as exotic woods such as walnut, figured maple, quarter sawn oak, knotty pine and rustic alder you will be able to find the wood your design has been craving. Below you will see some of our Traditional Series mantels – the name of each mantel can be found above the image.

Traditional Fireplace Mantels | Centennial Mantel

The Centennial Mantel has all the exquisite design elements to turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary living space. The Centennial Mantel shown below is a paint grade wood finished in Dover White.

Traditional Fireplace Mantels | Kensington Mantel

Bring something unique to your space with the clean lines of a Kensington Mantel combined with the paint color of your choice. The mantel featured below is a Pistachio finish with Carrara white stone. The Kensington is offered in all wood species, stain colors and paint finishes.

Traditional Fireplace Mantels | Remington Mantel

Designed with clean lines and decorative leg molding, the Remington has the strength and character to make any setting more comfortable. The mantel featured below is made of oak wood with a fruitwood stain surrounded by slate stone.

Traditional Fireplace Mantels | Breckenridge Mantel

This mantel is the perfect canvas for you to paint your vision. Made of a paint grade wood, you can paint this mantel to any color of your choice. The mantel below is finished with a Dover White paint and the absolute black stone is a perfect contrast.

Traditional Fireplace Mantels | Cascade Mantel

The Cascade Mantel, as well as every other mantel here, can be customized to fit specific dimensions. Not only can you customize the size, but you can also create this design with any wood species and finish you prefer.

Traditional Fireplace Mantels | Paramount Mantel

Just like the name, the Paramount Mantel will be the most important piece of furniture in the room. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this mantel design. Customize the size and color along with the stone of your choice.

Traditional Fireplace Mantels | Manchester Mantel

This mantel is just what your family room has been missing. The rich warmth of a spice finish on maple wood has the strength and character to make any setting more inviting.

Value Series | Wood Fireplace Mantels

Our Value Series handcrafted fireplace mantels are made with the same care and quality as our specialty mantels, but designed to be affordable. Our Value Series allows you to put some personality into your space at a reasonable price. We can create a custom mantel to fit around your fireplace with any of the designs you see below. Consider adding a special touch to the living room, bedroom, or den with our custom fireplace mantels. Let your dream mantel come to life without breaking your budget!

Value Series
Wood Fireplace Mantels | Madison Mantel

No matter where you put the Madison Mantel, it will always leave a lasting impression. With the clean lines and flat panels, this design creates a timeless look and is a perfect fit for any room of a home. This mantel is made with a paint grade wood with a Dover white finish, surrounded by bluff beige tile.

Value Series
Wood Fireplace Mantels | Windham Mantel

The Windham Mantel brings the perfect balance of fashion and comfort to your space. This mantel can transform the look of any space with its sleek lines and detailed finishes. This mantel is made of cherry wood with a chestnut stain surrounded by Venetian Gold Stone.

Value Series
Wood Fireplace Mantels | Vienna Cherry Mantel

This mantel Is 100% customizable – select your favorite mantel, then choose from an assortment of woods and finishes to match your decor. This mantel is made from a cherry wood with a brindle finish, surrounded by pebble brown tile.

Value Series
Wood Fireplace Mantels | Vienna White Mantel

Your guests will be in awe while gazing at your custom mantel design in the finish of your choice. This mantel is made of a paint grade wood with a Dover white finish.

Value Series
Wood Fireplace Mantels | Carstin Mantel

Give your fireplace a sleek and sophisticated frame with a Carstin Mantel. This mantel is made of a quarter sawn oak with a brindle finish. You can customize this mantel design to the wood species and color of your choice.

Value Series
Wood Fireplace Mantels | Dresden Mantel

The Dresden mantel just makes you want to grab a cup of cocoa and cozy up next to this fireplace. This mantel can be that one statement piece in your room. This mantel is made of a paint grade wood with a Dover white finish.

Value Series
Wood Fireplace Mantel | Osage Mantel

The warmth of this mantel can heat up a room even without the fire! The Osage mantel will give you that warm fuzzy feeling just looking at it. This mantel is made of Alder Wood with a Carmel Finish.

Simple Fireplace Designs| Basic Series |Custom Fireplace Mantels

Our basic handcrafted fireplace mantels are made with the same care and quality as our specialty mantels, but designed to be affordable. The Basic Series consists of simple fireplace designs as well as unique fireplace designs. A variety of stone surround packages are available with your custom design. Complement your fireplace with a custom wood mantel. These mantels are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Basic Series mantels are available in three premium wood species:

– Alder

– Hickory

– Oak

Basic Series mantels are available in three designs:

– Flush

– Cabinet

– Corner

Simple Fireplace Design – Bryant Mantel

The Bryant Mantel is the perfect simple fireplace design. Create a customized color and size and make your dream fireplace come to life. This mantel is made from Hickory Wood with a Golden Hickory Finish, surrounded by Pebble Brown Tile.

Simple Fireplace Design – Mason Mantel

The Mason Mantel creates a simple and sophisticated design around your fireplace. This mantel is made of Oak with a Golden Hickory finish surrounded by Bluff Beige Tile.

Simple Fireplace Design – Wilshire Mantel

The Wilshire Mantel brings extra warmth to the fire after a day outside with friends and family. Gather around a fireplace that’s warm as well as beautiful to look at.

Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels | Contemporary Series

We offer a contemporary series which consists of contemporary wood fireplace mantels. Those parts of a home that make you pause and admire, feel happy, or intrigued – those are all design moments. When it comes to the hearth, there are many opportunities for design moments. Let’s face it, we’re big fans of sleek and chic modern design. But just because a space is contemporary modern doesn’t mean it can’t be warm and inviting.

Our Manhattan and Brooklyn contemporary mantels are grounded by a fabulous clean line design while offering the comforting warmth of wood.

Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels | Manhattan Mantel

Get the sleek, modern look along with the comfort of wood with the Manhattan mantel. Only like the design? You can customize the size and color of this mantel.

Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels | Brooklyn Mantel

The Brooklyn Mantel can bring your home style in an affordable way. This design is simple and can be customized to blend in with the style and color scheme of your home.

Portrait Style Cabinetry | Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets

Portrait style cabinetry can become the focal point of your space. By selecting one of our mantels, you can quickly add a fireplace to virtually any room with no remodeling. Our pre-built cabinets come in two pieces with detailed instruction for easy installation.

Our portrait-style fireplace cabinets are specially designed for corner, or limited space installations in small intimate settings such as bedrooms, baths, dens, and kitchens. Choose the wood species and color that works best with your style and we will create your custom mantel design and have it shipped directly to your door!

Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Classic Corner Cabinet

This classic corner cabinet can be customized to fit perfectly in any corner of your home. Don’t leave your corners empty – make them stand out with a classic furniture piece. This classic cabinet is made of cherry wood with a cordovan finish.

Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Shae Corner Cabinet

The Shae Corner Cabinet takes portrait style cabinetry to the next level – with a built-in bookshelf. This corner cabinet is a great space-saving cabinet that will display your collectibles.

Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Executive Corner Cabinet

Every room needs a statement piece, and the executive corner cabinet can be just that. This corner cabinet is made of Oak with a shortline finish. Customize this look to any wood species or finish that compliments your space.

Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Savannah Corner Cabinet

Made of a paint grade wood, this corner cabinet can bring some color to your space. Match the color to other furniture in your home, or make it be the pop of color your space needs.

Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Mission Wall Cabinet

This Mission Wall Cabinet is made to catch your eye when you walk in a room. This mantel may not fit in the corner of your space; however, it is a compact size that can fit in limited space areas. This wall cabinet is made of Quarter Sawn Oak with a russet oak finish with added drawers seen on the bottom.

Custom Fireplace Mantels | Custom Shelf Mantels

If your room construction or decor does not allow space for a full surround fireplace mantel, our custom fireplace mantel shelves may be your answer. Offered in elegant styles, they are custom built to your specifications. Choose from a variety of woods and stain colors to create the perfect custom shelf mantel.

Timberwood Mantel Shelf

Adams Mantel Shelf

Hamilton Mantel Shelf

Harrison Mantel Shelf

Jefferson Mantel Shelf

Monroe Mantel Shelf

Roosevelt Mantel Shelf

Washington Mantel Shelf

You may be surprised to learn that you can have the look of real stone for your fireplace with a cast stone mantel that doesn’t break your budget. Ask us about this mantel option.

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