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The Migrating Chimney Swifts will be Arriving Soon!

Just a reminder that if you have a chimney without a chimney cap installed that the migrating Chimney Swifts will be arriving in Kansas soon.  You absolutely do not want to have a bird in your flue!

These federally-protected migratory birds travel north from the Peruvian rain forests and they typically arrive in our area around April 15 of every year.

If one of our Certified Team Members arrives to perform service on your chimney and we find an active Chimney Swift nest, we are bound by our Code of Ethics as well as we are legally required to not disturb that nest until the Chimney Swifts leave the nest and migrate back south. This southern migration typically occurs around October of every year.

Do yourself a favor – have us install a professional grade stainless or copper chimney cap on your system and avoid the hassle of the chirping Chimney Swifts as well as the mess they leave in your chimney throughout the Spring and Summer months.

You can see many of the different styles of chimney caps we fabricate and install at our website

Top-Mount Copper Cap

Outside-Mount Copper Cap

Big-Dripper Style Cap

Barrel Style Caps and Hoods


Call us today and discover what we can do for you to make certain no Chimney Swifts get into your chimney and how we can dress up your chimney top with a great architectural feature! 316-265-9828

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