Outdoor Fireplace: an Overview

You better believe we get a lot more requests for outdoor fireplaces this time of year. During the summer, people in Wichita are in full-on entertaining mode and are dreaming of how much more amazing dinner and cocktail parties—or even family dinners under the stars—could be if only they had an outdoor fireplace around which to gather with friends.

If you’re one of these people and you live within 120 miles of Wichita and want to inquire about having an outdoor hearth built, you have come to the right place. HomeSafe Hearth & Chimney is a full-service chimney and hearth company, and building outdoor fireplaces and fire pits is one of our very favorite things to do.

There are many different kinds of heating appliances available for outdoor use. We can help you choose.

There are many different kinds of heating appliances available for outdoor use. We can help you choose.

Why should I have my fire pit or fireplace custom built? Why not just buy one from my local hardware store?

People who contact us about building a custom fire pit or fireplace typically want to create an outdoor space that will last over the long haul. They want to integrate a fireplace or fire pit into their existing outdoor space, and they want it to look nice—not rickety, not cheap, not something that’s going to be rusted or busted a couple of years from now. Having something custom built also means that our customers can handpick all the details, down to the materials used, the design, fuel type, size, and layout, etc.

What do I need to know before building my outdoor fireplace?

You will want to determine a few things before breaking ground on your favorite new place to hang. First, figure out what kind of fuel you want to use, based on the ease of use you require and the ambiance you want. Wood will give you real smoke and crackling, while gas may be easier to use but more work to install. You also need to decide what you want your fireplace to be built of—natural stone or stucco, brick or concrete all offer different looks and fit different budgets. Finally, you need to figure out where to put your outdoor fireplace. Consideration should be given not only to your enjoyment but to wind direction, safety, and nearby greenery. You may also need to acquire a permit prior to building an outdoor fireplace.

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney can advise you on any of these matters. Hire us and you can trust that your outdoor fireplace or fire pit will be strong, beautiful, safe, and durable.

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