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Why do You Need to Waterproof Your Chimney?

Sometimes, this dilemma is taken lightly or is underestimated in most cases, not knowing the harmful effects it can give to your chimney and your fireplace in general.

Did you know that water is one of the biggest enemies of a chimney? Here’s why:

  • accumulation of mold
  • the gradual deterioration of brick walls
  • blockages that may cause rooftop fires to happen

Now these may seem irrelevant but it is just as important as knowing your 1, 2, 3’s and ABC’s. Once water enters your chimney – the deterioration begins. This not only poses a threat to your hard-earned property and the possibility of seeing it burn to ashes, but it is also a threat to your very life.

Water in the chimney can affect your home in more ways than one. Make sure you have experts like us waterproof it.

The Solution

When talking about waterproofing your chimney, it can only go two ways. Either you get a chimney cap installed or a chimney crown installed. If you ask us, it takes two to tango so your chimney is all the more protected if you get two of these products installed.

A chimney cap is installed to prevent most anything from getting into your chimney – including water. The same goes with chimney crowns. Not only does it protect the inside of your chimney it also gives you the assurance and confidence that your property and life is no longer at stake.

Aside from these, it’s best to get your chimney inspected and cleaned annually; preferably every six months to maintain a clean, fully-functional chimney that is ready to take on all four seasons of the year.

It gives us the chance to stop the cycle and just sit back, relax and enjoy the crackling aroma of fire that can warm your feet and delight your senses. Our CSIA-licensed experts are ready to solve all your chimney problems at any given time.

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