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Renaissance: Uptown 600

The Uptown 600 fireplace provides warm radiant
heat with a magnificent 600in2 view of the fire.
The Uptown joins the Rumford 1000 and the
Rumford 1500 as an EPA Qualified Fireplace
under the EPA Burn Wise Voluntary Fireplace

This makes it an excellent choice for
reducing emissions while enjoying a beautiful fire.
Its clean design and moderate size offer endless
possibilities for style and expression. One of two
trim finishing options are available for the Uptown.
A Straight Trim (EO-RUPST) for brick and stone
masonry or a Frame Trim (EO-RUPFT) ideal for
tile and cement board.

▪ 600 in2 view of the fire

▪ Built-in guillotine door and screen system

▪ Ultra-smooth refractory bricks produced using
steel molds

▪ Easy front-tilt door and screen for cleaning and

▪ Removable door handle
▪ Heat Recovery System

Decorative Front *

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