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Grand Canyon: Indoor/Outdoor Glass Burner - ModulatiLP MV & Remote System - LP 42in

The Cannonball Series features authentic casted pieces in three stunning colors and sizing options that can be styled simply for a minimalist look or mixed and matched to create a custom, contemporary aesthetic. Thoughtfully crafted for your endless viewing pleasure, our Cannonballs can be nestled in a bed of lava granules or crushed reflective glass to elevate both indoor or outdoor fireplaces and linear fire pits.

Simple yet modern elegance describe our new Cannonballs.
These fiber refractory balls look great sitting on a bed of
our Lava Granules whether the flames are turned on or off.
Add extra dimension by stacking all 3 sizes (2″, 4″ or 6″) together.
Available in Black (B), Dark Gray (DGY) & Silver (SIL).

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