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Energy Efficient Pellet Stoves & Inserts

Heating appliance options keep growing and getting safer and more efficient. So whether you’re looking to improve the look of your indoor or outdoor space, improve and broaden your heating options, or improve the safety of your home by replacing an old, inefficient appliance, you have a lot to choose from these days.

An option that’s well worth considering is pellet-burning stoves and inserts. These can be a great choice for homeowners who are frustrated with high heating bills, or who love wood-burning appliances but want something more environmentally friendly and efficient.

Pellet stoves and inserts are similar to other heating appliances in a lot of ways, but unlike other kinds of stoves and inserts, pellet-burning units will use an electric hopper to feed fuel into the burn chamber. This hopper is automated. You simply load a supply of pellets into the unit, and it makes efficient use of that fuel.

These units are designed with overall efficiency in mind. The fuel-to-air ratio is tightly controlled, allowing for complete combustion, with less smoke and other emissions than standard wood.

What Are The Pellets Made Out Of?

The make-up of specific pellets will vary slightly, but generally, they’re made out of ground and dried wood and other forms of biomass waste (in common terms, lots of sawdust). These materials are compressed and formed into small pellets that burn very well and are a lot easier to store than firewood. Given the materials used to make pellets, they also tend to be a highly economical fuel source.

Is There An Environmental Benefit To Using Pellet-Burning Appliances Over Wood-Burning Appliances?

There are several benefits, yes.

Here’s the word straight from the Environmental Protection Agency: “Pellet stoves are typically among the cleanest wood-burning heating appliances available today and deliver high overall efficiency.”

Another great thing: Since the pellets are largely made of waste sawdust, you’re using a recycled product in a productive way.

Style, Size, And Function: You Have Lots Of Choices

You’ll see big and small, contemporary and classic pellet stoves and inserts in bright colors and muted metals, with granite or marble panels. Ignition systems also vary, from completely automatic (controlled by a thermostat) to self-starting (controlled by a remote or button).

Our 3,000 square foot Wichita showroom can introduce you to an array of pellet stove and insert options, and our staff will be glad to help you figure out what might work best in your space.

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