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Your chimney’s flue is an often overlooked but very important component to your fireplace. A properly functioning flue is the means by which smoke and waste gasses produced by your fireplace are expelled out of your home. Occasionally, it falls privy to gaps, cracks, spalling as well as many other types of wear and tear. This leads to the potential for dangerous gasses to leak into your home. Naturally, it’s important to ensure that any damages to the flue are promptly repaired. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends yearly inspections in order to catch these unnoticed problems. In recent years, a viable option for many facing these kinds of repairs is HeatShield® Cerfractory Sealant.


The HeatShield® Difference

HeatShield® is a ceramic and refractory hybrid coating that was created over two decades ago. It’s been shown to hold up very well in both home use and in laboratory testing []. It has also been shown to hold up against high temperatures, corrosive gases and moisture. It has a “super-duty” rating by The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which exceeds the “medium duty” rating that is required for in-home use by organizations like the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). By using naturally occurring ingredients and recycled materials, HeatShield® is also a more environmentally friendly choice. It comes in two different systems. Depending on the type of damages your chimney has, one of the two will be used:

HeatShield® Joint Repair System is used to effectively repair gaps chimney’s liner joints. The technician will apply and smooth the sealant on the problem areas with a uniquely designed applicator. After this process is completed, the flue is then video-scanned to ensure the job is complete.

HeatShield® Resurfacing System is used for flues where more cracking and spalling are present. The technician, in this case, will clean and prime the entire flue with an undercoat and then will add a 1/4-inch thick layer of sealant. This system is also finalized with a video scan to detect any missed areas. This method will restore the flue to an impermeable state.

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney Inc.: One of Your Leading HeatShield® Providers

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney Inc. has been serving the Witchita area for over three decades. Whether you think your chimney might be in need of some repairs or you haven’t had an inspection in some time, Home Safe Hearth and Chimney Inc. will guarantee you the following:

  • A clean and mess free job
  • Excellent and honest service with fair and competitive estimates
  • CSIA or National Fireplace Association (NFA) certified technicians
  • Professional and prompt service

We also use HeatShield® repair systems for your chimney flue. If you think HeatShield® is right for your chimney, contact us today! You’ll not only receive all of the above service guarantees, but you’ll also receive a quality product that HeatShield® guarantees.

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