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CSIA Certified Dryer Vent Service & Repair

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that you have a dryer vent inspection performed every year by a CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician (CSIA CDET).

Because quality is important to us, Home Safe Hearth & Chimney’s team includes CDET Certified Technicians who can properly inspect your dryer vent for blockages, fire hazards, proper flow, and assembly.

Dryer Vent Inspections Are Important For Several Reasons

It’s easy to overlook your dryer vent since it’s primarily out of sight, but there are a number of safety and efficiency reasons to make sure you schedule an inspection every year and have your vent regularly cleaned.

Dryer lint is HIGHLY combustible, and a blocked vent is a serious fire hazard. As your dryer vent does its job, lint can build up over time. Often enough, it’s this accumulation of lint, which both constricts the vent, making it harder for the hot air to get out and creating a serious fire hazard.


Take a look at this image of a typical dryer vent cleaning — it’s amazing how much lint can accumulate, even with just average dryer use.

Clothes dryers are involved in more than 15,000 home fires each year. Along with more than $200 million in average annual property damage, those fires cause many injuries and many deaths.

Regular dryer vent inspections and cleanings help keep your home and family safe.

Dryer not working well? It may not be the Clothes Dryer!

Another effect of a blocked dryer vent is inefficiency. If your clothes aren’t drying, or if it’s taking far longer than it used to, it may not be that your machine is failing — a clogged vent might be blocking the air from venting, making your dryer work inefficiently and slowly. That means you’re wasting time, money, and energy and it’s causing excess wear and tear on your clothes dryer, leading to premature failure and replacement!

Dryer Vent Repairs? We Can Help

Every dryer venting system will be slightly different, but several things hold true: a dryer vent’s exhaust must always be expelled outside the home, and metal — not plastic — connectors should be used for proper vent runs.

If your dryer vent was improperly installed, installed with improper materials, or if there’s been damage to your system, call Home Safe Hearth & Chimney.  Along with your regularly scheduled dryer vent inspections and cleanings, we can help with any repairs that might be necessary to keep your dryer vent functioning safely and efficiently.

Having a regular dryer vent inspection and cleaning will ensure that your dryer is working safely and efficiently. Call Home Safe Hearth & Chimney at 316-265-9828 to set up an appointment with one of our technicians!


Home Safe Hearth & Chimney can also perform a thorough chimney video inspection to uncover hidden problems within your chimney system, so give us a call to schedule this state-of-the-art service.

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