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Certified Chimney Video Inspections

Annual chimney inspections are recommended by the National Chimney Sweeping Guild, the American Lung Association, and the Environmental Protection Agency, among many other organizations. It’s also part of the National Fire Protection Association‘s 211 standard, which governs CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Inspections.

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney’s chimney sweeps are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America — the only nationally recognized credential for chimney service professionals — and will perform a thorough, detailed chimney inspection that will make sure your chimney is doing the work it should. We will also pinpoint any problems or issues that might be hiding within your system.

What To Expect From Your Chimney Inspection

The NFPA 211 standard sets a clear outline for the work a CSIA Certified Chimney Technician will perform.

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney personally helped the Chimney Safety Institute of America develop a video presentation that gives a view into the different levels of chimney inspection that may be recommended, depending on the home and chimney’s circumstances.

Our CSIA Certified technicians can recommend the right level of inspection for your needs. Our certified technicians may also recommend a more thorough inspection if they see something that indicates a more detailed inspection is needed.

State-Of-The-Art Chimney Video Scanning

If your chimney is being used regularly in the same manner and is showing no indication of any problems, a Home Safe Hearth & Chimney certified technician will likely recommend a Level 1 Chimney Inspection. This level of inspection includes an examination of all of the readily-accessible portions of the interior and exterior of the chimney to determine its basic condition and clearances from combustible materials. During this level of inspection, a sweep will also check for any obstructions in the flue, and evaluate the nature and volume of deposits (including combustible creosote).

Our technicians may recommend a more thorough inspection — using state-of-the-art Chimney Video Inspection Equipment to closely examine your flue’s internal surfaces and joints. This level of inspection is typically recommended if changes have occurred or will occur, with your system.

If you’ve changed your fuel type — say, from wood-burning to gas — or if you’ve added or replaced an appliance or flue lining, a Level 2 inspection with video scanning will be the most appropriate choice. You’ll also opt for a Level 2 inspection if the home is changing owners (Real Estate Transaction), if there’s been a fire, or if major storms have happened in the area that could have affected your chimney.

A more in-depth Level 3 inspection may be recommended if a problem is found, or if it’s necessary to remove components (like drywall) to inspect concealed areas further.

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An annual chimney sweeping will go a long way toward keeping your chimney system in top working order. Call on Home Safe to provide this important chimney service.

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