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Chimney Chase Cover Replacement

Custom chase cap with new stainless crown-homes in the background

Here’s a bold statement:  The most important part of replacing a Chimney Chase Cover is NOT the chase cover replacement itself.  The most important part of replacing a Chimney Chase Cover is the INSPECTION that happens of what’s visible inside that chase structure! 

We CONSTANTLY find clearance issues, disconnected flue systems, missing firestops, and improper draft stopping when we replace chase covers.  Those issues are life and safety issues.  Don’t trust an uneducated or un-certified person to do this kind of serious work.  We appreciate the work completed by local roofing contractors, but they are NOT Competent, Qualified Chimney Inspectors.  They should NOT be replacing your chase cover as they are not completing the proper inspection at the time of the installation.  Your home and your life may depend on this inspection being completed properly.

Most Factory-Built fireplaces include a chase cover – which does exactly as the name implies: it sits atop the chimney’s chase, protecting it from the intrusion of water and other undesirable elements. Chase covers are commonly constructed from galvanized metal, and although the service life of those products will vary, you might see problems with your galvanized chase cover in as little as five years.

The first indication of a problem with your chase cover is the appearance of streaks of rust. The cover may have been installed in a way that allows water to pool, or there might be holes due to screws or nails that have allowed water in — regardless, once water makes its way in, it begins eating away at your cover and getting inside your chase, which could lead to more damage (including damage to the walls in your home). The rust you can see is telling you that IMMEDIATE repair is needed.

Chase Cover Replacements From Home Safe Hearth & Chimney

Chase top and crown replacement before and after-rusted crown before and new stainless steel after

Replacement chase covers come in a variety of different materials, all of which offer different benefits. We fabricate and install a wide array of chase covers which are professionally installed by our experienced technicians.

  • GOOD: Normal Galvanized Metal – This is the most commonly used and the most affordable material for a chase cover, but its durability varies — you can usually expect a galvanized cover to have between five and ten years of fully functional service life.
  • BETTER: G90 Galvanized Metal – This is the most commonly used and the most affordable material for a chase cover, but its durability varies — you can usually expect a galvanized cover to have between ten and fifteen years of fully functional service life.
  • BEST: Stainless Steel – Stainless steel, while more expensive than galvanized metal, is highly durable and attractive. You won’t experience the same rust issues with a stainless steel chase cover, and it’ll take your chimney from looking rusty and worn to fresh and new. Our Stainless Steel Chase Covers can also be powder-coated in many colors.
  • BEST: Copper – Copper is another durable choice, and can be a beautiful addition to your home, particularly as the copper develops a colorful patina over time.

Those are just a few options – whatever your chase cover needs, Home Safe Hearth & Chimney can help.

We Can Repair Your Factory-Built Fireplace Or Install A Brand New One

Does your factory-built fireplace need more than a chase cover? Has your unit reached the end of its service life?

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney Technicians have decades of experience repairing appliances and chimneys, including factory-built fireplaces. We also have a full-line, 3,000 square foot showroom stocked with a vast array of appliances.

We sell, install, and service fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, and our service area spans a 120-mile radius of Wichita. We have something available for nearly every budget, with financing options available as well.

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A chimney cover is a small but important part of a safe chimney system. Take care of this chimney component service with Home Safe today.

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