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can you burn your christmas tree in the fireplace?

Christmas is over. It’s time to take the decorations down, and now you may be asking what you can do with your REAL Christmas tree now that it is coming down. Can you burn your Christmas tree in the fireplace? Keep reading to find out if this is a good idea.

As the holidays wind down, that real Christmas tree, will begin to dry out and now you have to get rid of it. Your first thought might be that you can burn it in a wood-burning fireplace or stove. THIS IS A BAD IDEA!

The needles are now very dry and can burn very quickly, causing an intense fire. This intense fire can produce an abundance of sparks that can fly into your room setting the rug, carpet, furniture and other decor on fire. These same sparks can also go up the chimney and set fire to your roof.

Firs, pines, and spruces, which are some of the more popular Christmas tree varieties, all have a high resin content that can burn with dangerous intensity. This high-intensity burn can cause items inside and outside your home to catch fire – including creosote inside your chimney flue.

Since a dry Christmas tree can burn faster than expected, the fire can be difficult, if not impossible, to control. To see how flammable a dry Christmas tree can be, watch this video produced by the National Fire Protection Association.

If your chimney has not recently been cleaned, then you may already have some creosote buildup. A Christmas tree fire can burn very rapidly which can cause the creosote deposits to burn. Smoke can also pour out of your fireplace instead of going straight up the chimney, filling your home with smoke and damaging your belongings.

Christmas trees are generally firs, pines, and spruces; this wood produces a lot of creosote which can cause a buildup on chimney walls. Creosote buildup can result in chimney fires, leading to dangerous situations for your family.

This same hot burning fire can cause damage to your firebox, flue, or chimney and this can result in expensive repairs.

Even if you don’t have ANY creosote in your flue, burning your Christmas tree can cause such a quick, dramatic rise in temperatures in your flue that it can literally crack clay flue tiles due to the sudden thermal shock being sent up your flue.

The best practice to SAFELY get rid of your Christmas tree is to “TreeCycle” it! You can google “TreeCycle” and add your city and location to find the location nearest you.

At Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, we want to keep you and your family safe, so please do not burn your Christmas tree in your fireplace or wood-burning stove or insert. Please share this information with your friends and family to keep them safe too.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you have your fireplace, stove, or insert professionally inspected every year and cleaned as necessary by one of our CSIA or NFI Certified Technicians.  

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