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3 Ways a Different Fireplace May Save You Money

Nothing is quite as rewarding at the end of a long winter day as coming home and thawing out in front of a roaring fire. For some of us, nothing less than a natural wood fire in a traditional fireplace will suffice; nothing is a substitute for the crackling and popping or the aroma that it gives off. Others of us, however, just care about the roaring fire part of the afore-mentioned scenario and could care less what the source of it all is. Read more…?

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Conversion to Gas

During winter, you have to ensure that you produce enough heat to keep your loved ones warm and comfortable. Having a wood-burning fireplace requires seasoning and stacking wood that can eat up your time – time you could have spent doing something you love. If the work of wood is getting you down, then we have the perfect solution for you. Here at Home Safe Hearth and Chimney, we can offer you safe tips that are always within your budget—that and many more! We would like to share with you how you can free yourself from the stresses and dangers of old-fashioned fireplaces and chimneys. Read more…?

Considered an Insert?

Have you been thinking about updating the look of your fireplace? Or even converting the fuel source of an old, damaged fireplace you would like to renovate without a lot of hassle? An economical and simple way to both change the look of your hearth and switch from a wood-burning to gas (or the super energy-efficient pellet fuel) fireplace, inserts are your best choice. Read more…?

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