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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Winter is not far behind, seeing as several areas of the nation have already received the first snowfall of the season. Meteorologists and other weather experts, like the Old Farmer’s Almanac, have predicted another winter as brutal as the past. With the cold fast approaching, everyone has started thinking about how to stay warm. When going outside, you can stay warm by bundling up with a coat, scarf, and hat. Stay warm inside is a different story. The majority of homes rely on some type of combustion to produce heat, meaning the heating appliance burns some kind of fuel, like natural gas, oil, pellets or wood. Burning anything comes with its own set of safety risks, and one serious threat when burning is carbon monoxide. Read more…?

Increasing Draft Efficiency

When you talk about draft in general, it can mean all sorts of things. Draft can be your initial input in writing that still needs proofreading but draft can also talk about the weather where the coldness in the air lingers. But here, we’re talking about chimney draft and everything there is to know about it. Read more…?

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