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“Facelifts” (Existing Fireplace Complete Face Replacements)
Adding a New Fireplace to Your Home

It happens: Your fireplace is working, but it’s not really “working” for you. Part of the draw of having a fireplace is its beauty, and sometimes old outdated fireplaces (or just ill-fitting designs) draw far more away from the room’s look than they add.

We understand: Every homeowner wants a fireplace that works as it should and provides safe and efficient heat and enjoyment. But every homeowner also wants a fireplace that makes the space it’s in look great.

We can help: If your fireplace is in need of a “facelift,” or if you are adding a new fireplace or insert, Home Safe Hearth & Chimney can help.

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We have many other choices as well.  Far too many to list here.  Come visit our showroom to discuss your project!


Give Your Fireplace A Whole New Look With Refacing Enclosures

Fireplace facelift, marbled mantel, with marbled columns on each side of firebox

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney makes use of many different Stoll Fireplace products because they’re well-made, long-lasting products that we’re proud to install. One of our favorite products is the company’s Stoll ReFace, which makes a manufactured fireplace look brand new. The finish and louver designs available vary widely — you can even add your own custom touch!

Fireplace Re-Face Options

  • Louver designs – The louvers on your unit provide venting and can add a decorative flair to your fireplace. Stoll offers 12 different designs in 25 finishes, plus the option to incorporate your own design.
  • Finishes – Stoll’s looks range from sleek metal to scratch-resistant powder-coat finishes, in everything from dark matte black to bright champagne.
  • Walls and Shelves– Stoll’s looks range from sleek metal to scratch-resistant powder-coat finishes, in everything from dark matte black to bright champagne.

Home Safe Stoll Walls and Shelves Summer 2022

When installed by a Home Safe Hearth & Chimney Technician, you can rest assured that your newly Re-Faced fireplace will look beautiful, and stay beautiful for years to come.

Other Ways To Revive The Look Of Your Fireplace

  • Doors – You might also add high-quality glass doors to masonry and Zero Clearance fireplaces, which can renew the fireplace’s look and bolster its safety. Stoll doors also come in a lot of looks, from classic to contemporary, sleek to ornate, in many different finishes. Fitted with 1/4-inch tempered glass and safety screens, they act as a strong barrier against sparks, embers, and heat, and keep the air you’ve cooled or heated inside your home, not escaping through your chimney.

Home Safe Stoll FireplaceDoors Summer 2022


  • Screens – Adding a screen to your fireplace is an easy way to incorporate fresh design and function, bringing visual interest (with lots of Stoll options) to the foreground, and placing a barrier between the fire in your fireplace and the room/inhabitants surrounding it.

Looking to give your fireplace a facelift? Call Home Safe Hearth & Chimney. at 316-265-9828 or click here to schedule an appointment online. We can help bring it a whole new life.


The Fireplace Design Center at Home Safe Hearth & Chimney offers professional services and quality products like fireplace mantels for the fireplace and chimney systems for your home.

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