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HeatShield® Cerfractory Sealant

If your chimney flue liner has sustained damage but is still largely sound, relining may not be your only option.

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, Inc. also installs HeatShield® Cerfractory Sealant, which can restore the integrity of your liner (eliminating cracks, gaps and other voids, and repairing spalling tile) without having to replace it with a stainless steel product. Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, Inc. are exclusive dealers of this product and the only ones in the area with the training and qualification to use it.

Properly installed, HeatShield® seals your flue, and allows it to properly vent gases and other byproducts. This helps ensure that your chimney is as safe and efficient as it should be.

HeatShield® has also proved to be a highly-durable product, able to withstand moisture and corrosive flue gases, and temperatures reaching over twenty nine hundred degrees.

When installed by the CSIA-certified technicians at Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, Inc., HeatShield® systems also carry a 20-year limited warranty. Don’t risk your investment by trusting the restoration of your flue to amateurs – Call Home Safe Hearth & Chimney Inc. today!

Different HeatShield® Systems For Different Chimneys

When a CSIA-certified Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, Inc. technician inspects your flue, they can recommend one of two different HeatShield® systems depending on your specific needs. Each system is designed to restore your flue lining to peak performance. If your liner problems are largely confined to gaps in tile joints, HeatShield®’s Joint Repair System can be a great choice. If more cracking and spalling is detected, you and your technician might look toward HeatShield®’s Resurfacing System.

  • HeatShield® Joint Repair System – In order to effectively repair gaps in liner joints, your Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, Inc. technician will apply the HeatShield® sealant material to the problem areas with a special foam applicator. The applicator will then smooth those repairs, ensuring that the surface is conducive to air flow. The flue is then video-scanned to ensure that all damage is thoroughly repaired and the flue is restored.
  • HeatShield® Resurfacing System – For flues that show more cracking and spalling, Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, Inc. technicians will coat the entire flue, first cleaning and priming with a “tie coat,” then adding a 1/4-inch thick layer of sealant. This application will return your flue to a thoroughly restored, smoke-tight state, and a video scan will confirm the effective installation.
  • HeatShield® Cerfractory Foam Sealant – Repairs, seals, and enhances performance of smoke chambers

Do you think HeatShield® Cerfractory Sealant might be right for your chimney liner? Call Home Safe Hearth & Chimney, Inc. or click here to schedule an appointment online to discuss the possibility of restoring your liner with HeatShield®!


If your chimney needs relining, rely on the experienced technicians at Home Safe for this crucial chimney repair.

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