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Brick Chimney Masonry Repair

Tuckpointing needs repair on older chimney bare trees in the background

Masonry chimneys can be beautiful and durable if well-maintained. We’ve worked on many historic homes in the area with timeless brick chimneys that have stood up to decades of weather and use.

As durable as masonry is, bricks and mortar are also permeable materials, so they’re highly susceptible to water damage. On the surface, water can continually attack brick and mortar joints, causing them to slowly degrade and crumble. Water can also seep inside the masonry, expanding and contracting as it freezes and thaws. This process damages the masonry from the inside out and causes spalling (flaking and chipping).

Keeping your masonry chimney beautiful, functional and safe is our priority and our specialty. We’ve been repairing and restoring masonry in the Wichita area since 1979, and have helped more than 20,000 satisfied customers enjoy their fireplaces and stoves safely and efficiently.

Don’t worry if you have a historic home or other unique chimney needs — our experienced, CSIA-Certified Technicians and NFI-Certified Specialists tackle all kinds of masonry restorations and repairs every day, and we’re committed to maintaining our high rate of customer satisfaction (we’ve earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau among other accolades).

We’ll Make Your Masonry Chimney
Look And Work Like New

Large rock chimney in process with scaffolding-decking on second floor house is beautiful with blue sky

A Recent Project Near Towanda, KS

Side view of previous picture of chimney with blue sky and lake in background

Original photo side view of chimney – Wichita KS

Some common chimney masonry needs:

  • Masonry Repair and Rebuilding – Are the mortar joints on your chimney crumbling, cracking, or otherwise decaying? They might require repointing or tuckpointing. Pointing is painstaking work, and it’s far more complex than it might look, particularly when it comes to older homes. Different materials with different compressive strengths have been used over the years, and if materials used for repair don’t match correctly with the original materials, it can cause irreparable damage to your chimney and its structural integrity. Our experienced technicians can do your pointing work right.
  • Crown Repair and Replacement – The crown at the top of your chimney plays an important role in your system. Along with your chimney cap, it’s the uppermost defense against the intrusion of water. The crown is built to direct water, snow, and sleet away from the chimney system but since it’s right there at the front lines, its mortar can suffer damage, making it one of the more common spots for chimney leaks. We can repair or replace your crown if the damage is too considerable
  • Chimney Leaks & Waterproofing – Leaks are frustrating for any homeowner. Water is the number one enemy of masonry or stone chimneys, as well as chimneys with siding, and will take advantage of any access it can to get into your chimney. Finding the cause or causes of a leak can be a complex process. There are many places that a leak might spring up:
    • Your chimney cap might be damaged or missing
    • Your chimney crown might be cracked
    • Your flashing might be torn
    • Your chimney damper might be stuck
    • Water might be seeping into your masonry

    Over the 40-plus years that we’ve been servicing chimneys in our area, we’ve developed a comprehensive Chimney Problem Checklist Inspection.

    Our process is incredibly thorough so that we can guarantee we’ll find the source of your problem, and develop a comprehensive solution.

We can inspect your chimney to find the weak points and repair them. We can also apply an effective water repellent that will prevent water from seeping into your masonry but still allow airflow.

Call us at 316-265-9828 or click here to schedule an appointment online if you have any chimney masonry needs or questions. We’d love to help.

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