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All About Prefabricated Chimneys

If you have moved into a newly built home, you may have a prefabricated (or prefab) chimney instead of a traditional masonry chimney. This type of chimney has grown in popularity over the past couple of decades, so it is more common to find a prefab chimney in homes that have been recently constructed. It is important to realize the differences between your new prefab chimney from a masonry chimney so that you are using your new fireplace properly and safely. Read more…?

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Price vs. Benefit

When it comes to buying anything new, price tends to plays a key role in anyone’s decision-making process. While finding buys for low costs might keep more money in your bank account, your overall satisfaction levels are not always satisfied. Paying more for something that will last longer and run more efficiently usually ends up being worth it in the long run since no repair or replacement costs were ever needed. Read more…?

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Upgrade Your Fireplace

Many homeowners today find that they love the cozy atmosphere a fireplace has to offer, but have no time or energy to deal with all of the maintenance involved in owning one. Between buying and storing wood, monitoring a fire, cleaning out ashes, and much more, the tasks involved in possessing a wood-burning fireplace can be quite time-consuming. Consider an alternative to gain the best of both worlds – a gas insert. You gain that traditional feel of a fireplace in the home, without all of the extra hassle.

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Fire Safety Tips

One of the biggest responsibilities of owning a fireplace is educating yourself on fire safety. Without proper knowledge of fire safety procedures, a warm night in front of the fire could quickly go wrong. Read more…?

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Alternative Heating Options

If you are considering adding a new type of heating appliance to your home, it is important to consider your options. Adding a fireplace, in hopes of gaining the warm atmosphere that they traditionally offer, is a desire felt by many homeowners. Yet, there are a variety of types to choose from in all different looks, feels, and maintenance levels. Studying which is right for you will leave you satisfied with an appliance that you can feel comfortable using on a frequent basis. Read more…?

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Fire Safety Education

If you own a fireplace, it is important to be aware of the many precautions involved with handling fires. Keeping one’s home and family safe should be the number one priority in any household and learning how to properly handle any potentially dangerous situation is vital. Fire can easily get out of control and the risk of this occurring increases dramatically when fireplaces are being used improperly. Study up on some of these safety tips to help ensure that you are being as safe as possible throughout this holiday season. Read more…?

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Fireplaces and Your Home’s Value

The thought of adding a fireplace to your house often offers idyllic images of sitting in front of a fire on a snowy night. It seems like the perfect way to spend the holiday season and would be sure to add a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to any home. Yet, many homeowners wonder about whether or not this will be a smart investment in the long run. Chimneys require a lot of maintenance, so it is often unclear if adding a fireplace is going to be good for your home’s overall value. Read more…?

All About Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are an important aspect of owning a fireplace. They are placed at the top of the chimney and work to protect it from many hazardous elements. Any fireplace would benefit from having a chimney cap and, as a homeowner, it will save you a lot of time, money, and stress throughout the months and years ahead. Read more…?

Importance of Properly Seasoned Wood

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, making sure that you are using appropriate fuel is essential in maintaining both individual fires and overall fireplace health. It may seem that any type of wood should do the trick, but using properly seasoned firewood is highly beneficial for you and your fireplace in the long run. But what does “seasoned wood” really mean and why is this so important? Keep reading to educate yourself on this important aspect of burning firewood efficiently. Read more…?

The Importance of CSIA Certification

What is the CSIA?

The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) is a non-profit organization that strives to promote safety in regards to your chimney. The CSIA is known for its integrity and is highly-esteemed by professionals across the United States. Their mission is to educate homeowners on proper chimney care and guide them in taking proper precautions with their fireplaces, ensuring that their home and family are safe throughout the burning season. Read more…?

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